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The Retreat York Benevolent Fund was established in 1919. It was set up to assist members of The Religious Society of Friends ('Quakers'), and those "closely connected with Friends", to meet the cost of treatment at The Retreat Hospital. That is no longer necessary.

The Benevolent Fund changed its name to The Quaker Mental Health Fund (UK) in December 2020. It is now used to support awareness about mental health across Quakers, to develop our Quaker ministry on mental health, to give grants to Quaker led mental health projects and to give grants to individual Friends who need help to address their mental health issues.

Grants can be given to individuals who are Quakers or who have close connections to Quakers to enable people to access care or therapy they could not otherwise afford.

Grants can also be given to projects which are led by Quakers and which promote mental health and good practice.

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