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Projects funded


QMHF provides project funding to help support activities related to Quakers and mental health. The projects we fund must be led by Quakers and promote activities that are linked to Quaker values. 

Funding is available for projects up to £10,000 per year for a maximum of 3 years. Approved funding is paid on submission of relevant receipts.

Examples of projects we fund:

  • Training or consultancy to Quaker organisations which enhance mental health.

  • The development of a Quaker support group for mental health issues.

  • A project to raise the ability and capacity to support people in Quaker meetings who are emotionally vulnerable.

  • Support for Quaker led meetings and conferences related to mental health.

  • The development of a Memory Cafe.

  • The development of a hospital garden.

  • Support to enable a counselling project to offer free sessions.

  • Support to develop counselling for young refugees.

  • Support to develop mindfulness and self-awareness in schools. 

Criteria for funding

All projects must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Related to improving mental health.

  • The project must be led by Quakers.

  • The project or initiative will be conducted in line with Quaker values and behaviour. 

The following points form part of the application process: 

  • Who will be involved in the project

  • What is the objective of the project

  • What activities or outputs are required

  • Who will benefit from the project

  • How is the project promoting good mental health and good mental health practice 

  • How long will the project last

  • Does the project already exist? If so, what has happened before, and why funding is sought now

  • How will the project be managed

  • Budgets and financial plans for the project

  • How safeguarding will be managed in the project

Application process

Submit an application using the button below. 

For help and advice about completing the application form please contact:

Project applications are reviewed by the Trustees regularly. 


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