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Quaker Mental Health Fund (UK)

About us

The Quaker Mental Health Fund is a national Quaker mental health charity. We work to support mental health work, witness and awareness across the Quaker network.

We give grants to individual Friends and to Quaker led projects

Our Quaker witness on mental health


By supporting individuals, enabling projects to start or to grow, and by giving Friends space to think, the Quaker Mental Health Fund is seeking to help Friends reflect and to take action.


Are you a Quaker, or have a close connection to Quakers and need support to receive treatment or care?

We provide grants of up to £1,000 to support your mental health. For more information and to apply please click the link below. 


We provide grants of up to £10,000 which can be used to support projects which aim to promote good mental health. The project does not have to directly benefit Quakers, but must be led by Quakers and must promote activities that are in line with Quaker values. For more information and to apply click the link below.


There is a great need for mental health support. If you are able to donate to the charity your money will be put to good use. To donate please click the link below.

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